The open escape of Indian Ramesh living in Qatar was discussed all over the world.

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  • There is no money without money, Nathalal’s saying came true
  • The fate of Ramesh Kannan, who lived in Qatar for 15 years, was revealed.
  • Rs 22 crore won in Big Ticket live draw

There is a Gujarati saying that ‘Naan Bhajano Naiyo, Naane Nathlal’ means when a person’s luck shines, everyone talks about him. The same thing happened with an Indian man living in Qatar. Ramesh Kannan’s fortunes in Qatar have changed overnight. Now he has crores of rupees and now he has the ability to buy anything. Kannan won this amount in a lucky draw. He participated in the last Big Ticket Live Draw Series 262 held in Abu Dhabi. Where he won 1 crore dirhams. If seen in Indian rupees, this amount is approximately 22 crore Indian rupees.

Ramesh lived in Qatar for 15 years

Ramesh has been living in Qatar for the last 15 years. He considers Qatar as his second home after India. He is a mechanical technician by profession. Ramesh is very happy with the sudden change in his luck and cannot believe his luck. Expressing his happiness, he said that the holy month of Ramadan has brought the gift of happiness for him.

Ramesh bought lottery tickets online

According to media reports, Ramesh had purchased the ticket online. His number was 056845. He had purchased these tickets on March 29. When Ramesh came to buy the ticket, one ticket was being given free of cost.

According to the report, when Ramesh went to buy the ticket. Then about 10 of his friends also went with him. They bought tickets together. When the host announced his name for the winner’s prize money, he jumped with joy.

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