Jaish-al-Adal’s dreaded Karstan, Chabahar target three bases of Iran

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  • Three military posts were targeted in south-eastern Iran
  • Three Iranian army soldiers and 10 others were killed
  • 2 terrorists killed in security forces action

In a major terrorist attack in Iran, Sunni Baluch group Jaish-al-Ad has attacked three military posts in south-eastern Iran. It is reported that three army soldiers and 10 other people were killed in this attack. These attacks were carried out in Chabahar, Rusk and Sarbaz of Iran. On Thursday morning, Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister Majid Mirhamadi told media that Iran’s law enforcement headquarters in Chabahar and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) base in Rusk were targeted. Both these places are in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

Mirhammadi said that the terrorists attacked the security forces by setting up an ambush near a nearby road to stop the security forces, but due to the action of the security forces, the terrorists could not succeed in entering the positions of the Revolutionary Guards. Mirhamadi termed the incident as a terrorist incident and also said that in retaliation one terrorist was killed and the clashes continued till Thursday morning. The Iranian army has surrounded the terrorists. He said that in Chabahar also one terrorist was killed and many people were injured.

Tension continues between Iran and Pakistan

Mirhamadi said three security forces, including two IRGC members and a law enforcement agent, were killed in the attack. Meanwhile, Iranian state media reported that a police station in Chabahar was attacked, in which militants killed Deputy Chief Officer Abbas Mir. Jaish-al-Ad has carried out several attacks in Iran in the last few years. Sunni militants frequently target IRGC positions. There have been reports of several bomb blasts and kidnapping of security forces.

Pakistan can become Iran’s target

Fed up with the attacks of Jaish-al-Adl, Iran launched missile attacks on their positions in January. After this attack, tension between Iran and Pakistan has increased. Iran has declared Jaish-al-Adl a terrorist organization. Therefore, the United States also included this organization in the list of foreign terrorists in the year 2010. Iran has repeatedly accused US, Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies of helping these terrorists. Now experts believe that Iran may attack Pakistan once again.

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