Simon Harris becomes the new Prime Minister of Ireland at the age of 37

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  • 88 votes were cast in support of Simon Harris in the Parliament of Ireland.
  • Simon Harris elected the country’s youngest Prime Minister
  • Earlier, the country was in shock when Leo Varadkar of Indian origin resigned.

A new Prime Minister has been elected in Ireland. The country’s ruling Fine Gael party has elected Simon Harris as the new Prime Minister. 37-year-old Harris will become the country’s youngest Prime Minister. Before this, Leo Varadkar of Indian origin was the youngest Prime Minister of Ireland. But last month he resigned from the post. On Tuesday, 88 votes were cast in favor of Harris in the Parliament of Ireland. He received support from coalition partners Fianna Fáil and the Green Party, as well as several independent MPs.


Harris was Minister for Higher Education in the government of former Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. After being elected as the Prime Minister, Harris said that she is feeling extremely honored to be elected as the Prime Minister of this great country. I will be everyone’s Prime Minister and will work hard every day to fulfill the hopes, dreams and aspirations of my people.

Harris became MP at the age of 24

If we look at Harris’s political career, we find that he joined the Fine Gael Party at the age of 16 and achieved success very quickly. He became a county councilor at the age of just 22. He was elected MP in 2011 at the age of 24. At that time he also became popular as the youngest MP of the country. He was appointed as the Health Minister in the cabinet in 2016. At that time his age was 29 years. After this, in 2020 he was made the Higher Education Minister.

Harris faces a mountain of challenges as Prime Minister of Ireland. It will be a challenge for them to deal with the refugee crisis and the increasing number of homeless people. But the most important task for him will be to select his cabinet. Parliamentary elections are going to be held in Ireland next year. In this way, the tenure of the new Prime Minister will be for about one year.

Why did Leo Varadkar resign?

Leo Varadkar, the Indian-origin Prime Minister of Ireland, recently announced his resignation from his post and party leadership, citing personal and political reasons. The whole country was surprised by his announcement. “I am effectively resigning as president and leader of the party,” Varadkar said.

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