Scientists claim, ocean found 700 km away underground!

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  • According to an estimate, there is three times more water underground than on Earth.
  • It is better if this sea water does not come out: Scientist
  • All scientists want to collect seismic data

In recent times, many scientific discoveries have shocked the world. In this sequence, now another discovery has come to light which is almost impossible to imagine. According to this discovery, three times more water has been found than the water present on the earth’s surface. Scientists say that there is three times more water 700 kilometers below the surface of the earth.

A new discovery has revealed that 700 kilometers below Earth’s solid surface lies a giant ocean in a rock called ringwoodite, which may contain three times more water than all of Earth’s oceans combined. In the year 2014, a scientific research named ‘Dehydration Melting at the Top of Lower Mantle’ was published, in which detailed information about it is given. It also provides information about the properties of ringwoodite. “Ringwoodite has a sponge-like substance that absorbs water,” said geophysicist Steve Jacobsen, head of the research team. Its crystal structure has some unique properties that attract hydrogen and trap water inside it.

This is how the Earth’s subsurface ocean was discovered

‘I think the evidence we’re seeing of the water cycle across the Earth allows us to estimate how much water there is on Earth,’ said Steve Jacobsen. Scientists have been exploring deep water for decades. According to the report, to detect this ocean hidden inside the earth, more than 2000 seismometers were installed in America and data of more than 500 earthquake waves was prepared. During this time, seismic waves slowed down as they passed through the rocks, indicating a larger reservoir.

Scientists want to collect seismic data

Jacobsen said, the reservoir of water found among the rocks at such depth could change our understanding of the water cycle. He said that this water should remain underground. If that much water falls on the earth, nothing will be left except the mountain peaks. The entire earth will be submerged in water. Now scientists around the world want to collect seismic data to strengthen their understanding of water.

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