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Exercising, getting sufficient sleep, and supplementing vitamin E helps improve blood move to the uterine lining, bettering uterine lining thickness.

The uterine lining is a skinny layer of cells lining the internal floor of the uterus, which performs an essential function in conception and a lady’s means to change into pregnant.

Physician Nguyen Tien Huy, Middle for Reproductive Assist, Tam Anh Basic Hospital Hanoi (IVF Tam Anh), mentioned that the skinny uterine lining makes it troublesome for the embryo to implant or susceptible to detaching from the liner. , resulting in miscarriage, untimely start, and stillbirth. This situation causes the embryo to not be nourished throughout being pregnant, resulting in sluggish growth within the uterus. Even when performing assisted reproductive measures corresponding to in vitro fertilization, skinny mucosa additionally reduces the speed of profitable embryo switch.

The thickness of this cell layer is usually unstable and adjustments at completely different instances throughout the menstrual cycle. The uterine lining is thinnest proper after menstruation (about 4-6 mm). Past this level, the cell layer will proliferate, serving to the uterine lining to thicken considerably. In case the egg is fertilized and implanted, the physique secretes hormones that promote the mucosal layer to proceed to thicken, creating a really perfect surroundings for the embryo to develop. If the egg will not be fertilized, this layer of cells sheds itself, forming menstruation.

In keeping with Dr. Huy, the best thickness of the uterine lining for conception is 8-14 mm. If the mucosa is lower than 8 mm thick, it’s skinny, affecting the flexibility to conceive and hold the being pregnant within the uterus.

To enhance this situation, sufferers could also be prescribed treatment or surgical intervention if essential. In some circumstances, altering habits and weight-reduction plan may enhance uterine lining thickness.

Train half-hour day-after-day helps improve blood move to the uterus, due to which the uterine lining is regenerated and thickened. This technique additionally relieves pressure, stress, and balances hormones. Some appropriate bodily actions embrace swimming, jogging, biking, yoga, and strolling. In case your job requires you to sit down loads, each hour you must arise and transfer your legs and arms for two minutes.

Get sufficient sleep Can keep steady hormones within the physique, together with estrogen. Girls ought to sleep at the least 7 hours each night time. To have good sleep high quality, you must sleep on time, ideally earlier than 10pm and keep it even on weekends. Keep away from utilizing digital gadgets for one hour or consuming drinks containing alcohol or caffeine for 10 hours earlier than mattress. The sleeping area is assured quiet, snug, and has little mild. Meditation, yoga, and therapeutic massage earlier than mattress additionally assist deepen sleep.

Construct a nutritious diet, cheap to offer ample vitamins to nourish the physique, forestall anemia, and promote the event of the uterine lining. Keep away from meals excessive in trans fat and processed meals.

Girls ought to improve their consumption of meals wealthy in fiber, antioxidants, omega-3, nutritional vitamins and minerals corresponding to inexperienced greens, complete grains, recent fruits, beans… Eat a whole lot of spices corresponding to Ginger, saffron, cinnamon, garlic assist improve blood move.

A balanced weight-reduction plan promotes the event of the uterine lining. Picture: Tam Anh Basic Hospital

Give up consuming alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks Can enhance uterine lining thickness. These drinks could cause irritation, hindering blood move to the uterine lining.

Don’t use contraception drugs as a result of energetic elements corresponding to progestin have the impact of thinning the uterine lining, making it unimaginable for the embryo to connect to the liner and implant.

Clear personal areas correctly, Protected intercourse reduces the danger of sure infections and limits the danger of forming sticky scar tissue within the endometrial layer. Due to that, blood circulates effectively within the uterus, serving to the mucosal cell layer to regenerate.

Girls ought to clear their personal areas 2-3 instances a day with clear water. Don’t spray vigorously contained in the vagina to unfold micro organism, yeast, filth or urine from the vulva. Clear gently, keep away from vigorous rubbing.

Keep away from bathing or soaking in water for lengthy intervals of time, creating situations for micro organism, fungi or different micro organism to penetrate inside. Keep away from shaving pubic hair, dry after every use of the bathroom with paper or comfortable towel. Put on snug, not tight pants, ideally cotton pants to make sure air flow and dryness. Underwear must be washed day-after-day and dried within the solar.

Complement vitamin E Can improve uterine lining thickness by anti-oxidation, defending cell membranes, decreasing uterine harm from free radicals. Vitamin E additionally has an anticoagulant impact, rising blood provide to the uterus, selling estrogen manufacturing and uterine lining cell proliferation. Elevated blood move to the uterus additionally offers ample diet for endometrial formation. Taking about 400 IU of vitamin E per day helps enhance skinny mucosa.

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