China can change Indian election results with AI!

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  • Microsoft has warned about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India
  • China also used AI in the elections held in Taiwan
  • Apart from India, central elections are to be held in 64 countries of the world.

Lok Sabha elections will start in the country with voting on 19th April. Currently nominations are going on. Meanwhile, Microsoft has given a big warning to the Indian government. In which China’s conspiracy has been exposed. The report says that China is trying to influence voters in the Lok Sabha elections by using Artificial Intelligence. Due to which the result can also be reversed. Even before this, the government had received an alert that Chinese hackers wanted to influence the elections through AI tools.

Microsoft has alerted not only India but also America and South Korea about China’s conspiracy. Elections are also to be held in these countries in the coming days. The warning comes as China tests using AI to influence the outcome of Taiwan’s presidential election in January 2024.

Bill Gates met PM Modi

Last month Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi and discussed the use of AI for social causes, women-led development and adoption of new technologies in health and agriculture. Apart from the European Union, national elections are expected in 64 countries of the world. About 49 percent of the global population lives in these countries.

a particular party will be favored

According to Microsoft’s intelligence team, Chinese government-backed cyber groups may target several elections to be held in 2024 with the help of North Korea. Microsoft said that China will influence public opinion through AI-generated video-audio and memes on social media. In this election they will favor a particular party.

The Storm 1376 group was active in the Taiwanese elections.

Microsoft said the Beijing-backed Storm 1376 or Spamflage group was active during Taiwan’s election. This group created many such materials which influenced the voters. In which some candidates were insulted. Iran has also adopted the same strategy by making deepfake videos of many TV anchors. Storm-1376 detailed a series of AI-generated memes of then-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate William Lai of Taiwan and other Taiwanese officials, as well as Chinese dissidents around the world. Microsoft said Storm-1376 has prepared TV news anchors until at least February 2023.

When will the results of Lok Sabha elections come?

Lok Sabha elections in the country will start from April 19. The results will come on June 4. Elections will be held in seven phases. The Election Commission has made preparations to immediately identify and respond to fake news. Last month, representatives from OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, met the Election Commission members and gave a presentation to the Commission members outlining the steps to be taken to prevent misuse of AI in the upcoming elections.

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