PM Sunak’s defeat in the next elections could be bad

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  • Prediction of Conservative Party’s defeat in the next elections
  • Next election Tories will lose worse than 1997
  • This survey was based on the responses of 18 thousand people

In Britain, the party of current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may face a major defeat in the upcoming elections. Actually, this claim has been made in a survey. This survey is based on a sample size of 18 thousand people. The survey predicts defeat for the ruling Conservative Party under British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Also, the opposition Labor Party is expected to win 403 seats. Let us tell you that the majority figure in the British Parliament is 326.

This survey was conducted by YouGov

Multi-scale modeling and post-stratification (MRP) data released by YouGov shows a similar mega poll over the weekend. The poll predicts defeat for the Tories. It is predicted that the Tories will lose the next election worse than the tenure of former Tory Prime Minister John Major in 1997. So meanwhile the Labor Party under the leadership of Tony Blair was left with only 165 MPs.

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