Israel again targets Hezbollah targets in Syria by bombing it

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  • War going on between Hamas and Israel for six months
  • Israel destroyed many bases of terrorist group in Syria
  • Israel is fighting on many fronts but it is not ready to accept defeat

Amidst the fierce war with Hamas, Israel has once again targeted Hezbollah. Israeli forces bombed several targets in Syria early Wednesday in a bid to thwart a takeover by Lebanese group Hezbollah. While fighting Hamas militants in Gaza, Israel has often said it is also prepared to confront Hezbollah. In recent days, Israel has increased attacks targeting Hezbollah.


Video of the bombing has been released

The Israeli military said in a statement that it “attacked a military base based on accurate intelligence, which was used by the Hezbollah terrorist organization on the Syrian front.” Israel has also released a video of the bombing.

Israel’s strict warning

The Israeli military has said that Israel holds the Syrian regime responsible for all activities taking place on its territory. The army will not allow any action that would strengthen Hezbollah’s hold on the Syrian front. The army also reported that the IDF struck several Hezbollah positions and terrorist structures in southern Lebanon in the past few hours. This type of attack has been carried out to eliminate the threat in the areas of Dhayra and Tayer Harfa in South Lebanon.

Ammunition depot demolished

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, said Israeli jets carried out strikes in Syria late Monday and Tuesday. A cache of weapons and ammunition has been destroyed in the Dhayra region of southern Syria. A military base was also destroyed, which was used by Iran and Hezbollah-backed militants to fire rockets into the Golan Heights. Israeli forces have carried out hundreds of attacks inside Syria since the civil war began, particularly targeting pro-Iranian positions.

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