Israel: People took to the streets demanding resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu

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  • Israel attacks Lebanon amid public protests in Israel
  • It also called for the release of people held hostage by Hamas.
  • Protested with posters on the streets of Israel’s Tel Aviv, Haifa and Caesarea

On one hand, Israel is fighting against Hamas and other terrorists, while on the other hand, anti-government protesters have once again taken to the streets in Israel. Protesters are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and calling for early elections in the country amid the ongoing war with Hamas. Protesters also demanded the release of people held hostage by Hamas.
People took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Caesarea and Haifa
According to reports, on Saturday a large number of protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Caesarea and Haifa carrying placards. The protesters also raised slogans loudly. “We are not afraid; you have destroyed the country, and we will fix it. We want them (the hostages) back alive, not in coffins.”

Protestors raised slogans blaming Netanyahu
Let us tell you that despite all efforts, the Israeli army has failed to bring back many hostages and the families of the hostages are continuously pressurizing the government to bring them back. Protesters in Haifa described Netanyahu as a failure and called the government “guilty, guilty, guilty.” It was written on many banners that re-elections should be held.
Israeli police arrested a protester for punching and injuring a police officer during an anti-government rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday, according to a statement. Israeli police warned protesters not to light bonfires while marching in the streets, saying it could be fatal for the crowd.
Hamas is still holding people hostage in Gaza
Pressure on the prime minister is mounting as opponents of his right-wing government have united with the families of the nearly hundred hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza. Even before Israel’s war on Gaza, there were months of protests against Netanyahu over divisive judicial reforms. Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on 7 October and captured about 250 people, of whom Israel estimates 130 are still in Gaza.

Israel attacks Lebanon
Israel carried out airstrikes on the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon on Sunday morning. The armed group Hezbollah said it shot down an Israeli drone over Lebanon, two Lebanese security sources told Reuters. The sources said the Israeli strike targeted a Hezbollah training camp in the village of Janta, near the Syrian border.
One attack targeted the town of Safari near the eastern city of Baalbek and caused no casualties, the sources said. Hezbollah has been shelling Israel along Lebanon’s southern border since October 8, a day after Palestinian group Hamas launched attacks on Israel, escalating regional tensions.
Iran shot down an Israeli drone
An Iran-backed group claimed responsibility for shooting down an Israeli drone on Saturday evening. Hezbollah said in a statement that the Israeli military drone, which was shot down by Islamic fighters in Lebanese territory on the evening of Saturday, April 6, 2024, was of the Hermes-900 type.
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