Digital detox movement of Jain community in America

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  • It is very important to distance yourself from digital screens
  • May be useful in strengthening relationships and reducing stress
  • Started digital detox movement to distance yourself from laptop screen at regular intervals

The Jain community living in America has started a digital detox movement to distance themselves from mobile phones and laptop screens at regular intervals. Community activist Ajay Jain Bhutoria said that taking distance from digital screens after a certain time interval is very important for our inclusive well-being. The time thus saved can be used to strengthen relationships with family and friends and reduce stress. It is important to step away from the digital screens and re-discover the beauty of life. Bhutoria said that in today’s fast-paced world, digital screens have taken over our lives. Staying away from digital screens can be a very positive thing. He further said that the move was inspired by the vision of Anuvrata discipline and its leader Acharya Shri Mahashraman. It is noteworthy that the word Anuvrata discipline comes from Jain philosophy.

What is the philosophy behind the term Anuvrata discipline?

The term Anuvrata is used for small vows or commitments while discipline refers to the person who enforces or prescribes these vows. Atumvrata discipline in Jainism is one that guides people to adopt Atumvrata. Bhutoria and his team plan to reach out to US Congress members as well as policymakers, NGOs, academics, and think tanks over the next two months to seek support for the digital detox movement.

The logic is that this fast is the solution to the problem.

“We have a solution to the problem and that is nuclear discipline,” Bhutoria said. Simply put, a person should take a break from electronic devices or set aside a set amount of time to be online and spend this time strengthening relationships with family and friends. Reduce stress and get more sleep. Atomavrata Discipline is a movement that frees us from digital dependency and makes us realize that there is beauty in life beyond the phone or laptop screen.

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