America will no longer dare to speak on Kejriwal issue

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  • After America’s comment on Kejriwal’s arrest, the effect of India’s tough stance is visible.
  • The effect of India’s tough stance was clearly visible on the face of the American officer.
  • When a journalist of Pakistani origin asked about the arrest of opposition leaders

The arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was recently protested by US, German and UN officials. After which the Ministry of External Affairs of India adopted a tough stance and warned that the international community should not interfere in India’s internal affairs, if this continues then there will be a shocking reaction. Regarding these comments, a journalist of Pakistani origin asked the American official that America supports India’s protest but Pakistan does not say anything in favor of the protest. While replying, the fear of India’s warning was clearly visible on the face of the American officer.

Pakistani journalist’s question

During the press conference, a journalist of Pakistani origin asked that America is raising its voice to oppose India but it does not seem to be the same for Pakistan. At the same time, many leaders including women are in jail in Pakistan. The spokesperson had nothing to say in reply. He replied that America’s attitude is the same for all countries. On many occasions we have raised such voice for Pakistan also.

Pakistani protest inside jail

Many opposition leaders are in jail in Pakistan also. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and founder of PTI, Imran Khan has been in jail for a long time. Many PTI leaders have been put in jail during the elections in Pakistan. Which America has not opposed and recently Biden had talked to the new Prime Minister of Pakistan on phone and talked about improving relations. The Chief Minister of Delhi has been arrested in the Delhi Leaker Policy case. He filed a petition in the High Court against his arrest and remand, after hearing which the court reserved its decision on Wednesday. Delhi High Court can give its verdict on his petition today on 4th April. Apart from this, the petition filed to remove him from the post of Chief Minister is also being heard today.

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