Massive fire breaks out after explosion in an apartment in Paris, 3 killed

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  • An explosion occurred in an apartment in Paris due to mysterious reasons
  • Detectives appointed to find out cause of blast
  • This is the third mysterious explosion in Paris in the last few years

An eight-storey apartment in Paris caught fire after a massive explosion. Due to which 3 people died. This explosion occurred on Sunday evening. However, there is no explanation as to what caused the explosion.

The cause of the explosion is still under suspense

This apartment is located in the Arrondissement area of ​​Paris. According to preliminary investigation, there was a massive explosion before the fire on the seventh floor of Rue de Caron. Luc Labon, deputy mayor of the 11th arrondissement, said, “Neighbors couldn’t understand what caused the explosion. Because there was no gas in the building.”

The case is also being investigated from the angle of ‘arson’, ‘causing harm’ and ‘attempt to murder’. Detectives from the capital’s Second Judicial Police District have been deployed to investigate the cause of the blast. After the explosion, people living in nearby buildings were evacuated from their homes. Later he returned home safely. At present the matter is being investigated.

Let us tell you that this is the third time in the last few years that such an explosion has taken place in the French capital. Earlier in 2019 Rs. D. A similar explosion occurred in Travis, in which 4 people died. Rs 277 in the month of June last year. A similar explosion occurred in Saint-Jacques, killing three people.

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