Efforts to bring life back on track in Taiwan after earthquake, rescue efforts intensified

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  • Earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred on Wednesday morning
  • 9 dead, 1038 injured and missing due to earthquake
  • Rescue team is doing rescue by demolishing the damaged buildings.

An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred in Taiwan on Wednesday morning. It was the deadliest earthquake in the last 25 years, killing 9 people and seriously injuring 1038 people.

According to sources, 52 people are still missing due to the earthquake. The search for missing people continues amid the damage caused by the earthquake. People are using drones and helicopters to search for missing people instead of carrying out rescue operations to take people stranded in parks or other places to safety.

Big buildings collapsed

Rescue operations are underway in Hualien and the east coast. Dozens of buildings here have collapsed due to the collapse of lower floors due to the earthquake. Bridges and tunnels have been destroyed and roads have been damaged by landslides. Rescue workers are demolishing damaged buildings in Hualien city.

Earthquake sparks concern in Taipei

Wednesday’s earthquake collapsed buildings in the country of 2.3 million people and sent students out of schools and onto playgrounds. Officials at Taiwan’s earthquake monitoring agency were expecting a low-intensity earthquake, which is why officials did not issue an alert. However, the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit the capital Taipei has raised concerns. The buildings here were badly shaken. Along with this, tsunami warning has been issued for Southern Japan and Philippines.

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