America: After chemotherapy the doctor said that there is no cancer

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  • Women heartbroken after facing negligence of doctors
  • A false pathology report forces a woman to undergo chemotherapy
  • The woman suspected that she was suffering from stomach pain due to kidney stones

A surprising case has come to light in Texas, America. Here, in the pathology report of a woman, it was told that she is suffering from cancer. Based on that report, the woman’s chemotherapy was started, but now the woman has come to know that she did not have cancer, what the female doctors did to her is shocking. Negligence of doctors has come to light in this case.

According to media reports, the woman had reached the hospital in the year 2022 with the problem of stomach ache. The woman suspected that she was suffering from stomach pain due to kidney stones. During the examination, along with kidney stones, swelling in the spleen also came to light. After this, he underwent spleen surgery last year. The enlarged parts were removed surgically. A sample of the surgically removed surplus was sent to the pathology lab for testing. After three pathology labs were inconclusive, the samples were sent to a fourth lab. Cancer was confirmed in the fourth lab.

The doctors crossed the limits of negligence. Based on the pathology report, chemotherapy of the woman was started in the hospital. After the first chemotherapy, the woman lost all her hair. After the second chemotherapy, the woman’s skin deteriorated. In April the woman went to the hospital for a routine checkup and was told she did not have cancer. The woman was surprised to know this. The woman said that the doctors had shown gross negligence. Before the second chemotherapy, the report reached the hospital that he had cancer, but the doctors ignored the report and gave him the second chemotherapy.

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