Co-founder of terrorist group Nusra Front killed in a suicide attack in Syria

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  • A major suicide blast occurred today in terror-stricken Syria.
  • Recently there was an air attack in Syria’s capital Damascus.
  • Queen’s ambassador Hussain Akbari vowed to avenge the attack

A suicide attack took place in north-western Syria late Thursday night. In which the person blew himself up. A Syrian co-founder was killed in the attack. A member of War Observation said Abu Maria al-Qahtani was killed in the bombing.

Severed ties with terrorist group Al-Qaeda

The deceased al-Qahtani was the co-founder of the Nusra Front in Syria. Which is a terrorist group. The group later changed its name to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and claimed to sever ties with al Qaeda. According to the information, the attacker entered the guest house of Al Khatani in Sarmada city and blew himself up with explosives.

air strike in damascus

Earlier, there was an air attack in Syria’s capital Damascus. Iranian ambassador to Syria bombed by suspicious Israeli planes. Two Iranian generals and five officials were killed in an Israeli attack on the Iranian Consulate in Syria. After this attack by Israel, it is believed that tension will increase in the Middle East. Iranian Ambassador Hossein Akbari has vowed to avenge the attack.

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