Palestinian supporters surrounded Hillary Clinton in New York while chanting slogans.

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  • Slogans surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton
  • Protestors termed him ‘the biggest hunter’
  • Hillary advocates Israel’s right to self-defense

So far, more than 33,000 people from both sides have been killed in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Demonstrations of Palestinian supporters against this war are also going on across the world. Meanwhile, important news has come from New York, where Palestinian supporters surrounded Hillary Clinton and raised slogans. Slogans called Hillary the biggest predator and accused the Clintons of promoting genocide.

Slogans surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton

This incident has come to light at a time when President Joe Biden has spoken of supporting Israel amid the war. Due to which the Biden administration is also facing severe criticism. The thing is that Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton were leaving an event in support of US President Joe Biden when Palestinian supporters surrounded them and started shouting slogans.

Protestors termed him ‘the biggest hunter’

During the chanting, protesters described Clinton as the ultimate predator and said the pair conspired to perpetrate genocide. The protesters asked Hillary and Bill Clinton, how many people have died at your hands? We hope that the screams of the dying will haunt you every night.

What did Hillary Clinton say?

When a Hamas attack on Israel killed 1,200 people, Hillary Clinton initially emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense. He claimed that those advocating ceasefire do not recognize Hamas. However, Hillary later apologized for her comments in an interview.

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