Due to shortage of doctors in Pakistan, seven thousand children are being claimed to die every day.

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  • The health condition of children is very bad due to lack of doctors in Pakistan.
  • There is a shortage of pediatricians in Pakistan due to lack of systematic training program.
  • The situation worsened as qualified pediatricians continued to leave Pakistan

The extent to which the health system has collapsed in the neighboring country Pakistan can be gauged from the deaths of children there. Health experts say about 7,000 infants and children die every day in Pakistan. An average of 150 of these children die due to birth defects or genetic causes. According to health experts, the main reason for this is the huge shortage of pediatrician doctors.

According to the information, President of Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Pakistan (APSP) Professor Dr. Muhammad Arshad highlighted the death of children in the country. He said that about 25 lakh children die every year in Pakistan. A large number of these children could be saved if the number of pediatric surgeons is increased and deployed in District Headquarters Hospitals (DHQs) across Pakistan.

How many pediatricians are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan needs at least 1250 pediatric surgeons, but currently only 160-170 are employed. Dr. According to Arshad, about 33% of Pakistan’s population is children under 15 years of age, but there are only 0.2 pediatric surgeons per 100,000 children in Pakistan. Children under 15 make up 16% of the U.S. population, but there are 2.6 pediatricians for every 100,000 children, he said.

What is the reason for the shortage of pediatricians in Pakistan?

Dr. Arshad said there are many reasons for the shortage of pediatricians in Pakistan, but the biggest reason is the limited number of training programs and education opportunities available to them. Despite the demand for pediatric surgeons, there are only a few educational institutions in Pakistan where they can receive training. There is a shortage of good pediatric surgeons in hospitals due to lack of training programs. He further said that dozens of trained and qualified pediatricians are leaving Pakistan every year due to lack of opportunities and lack of jobs in the public sector. Most of them are working in Europe, America and Gulf countries, where they are being welcomed with open heart.

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