‘Ab Ki Baar 400 Paar’ became popular in America also

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  • Modi the Star of India sign put on Hollywood sign
  • The hot air of Lok Sabha general elections reached foreign countries also
  • Rallies and meetings were held in support of BJP in more than 16 cities of America.

Lok Sabha elections are gaining momentum in India. The eyes of the whole world are on India’s elections, Prime Minister Modi and BJP are giving the slogan of ‘this time we will cross 400’. Its echo is being heard in India as well as abroad. Programs in favor of BJP were organized by Overseas Friends of BJP in different cities of America. A grand program was also organized by BJP workers and supporters at Konark Theaters in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

The hot air of general elections of Lok Sabha in India has reached abroad also. The BJP-NDA alliance under the leadership of Narendra Modi is pushing issues like sanctity of Ram temple, abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, triple talaq etc. At the same time, ‘India’ alliance is raising issues like unemployment, inflation, weakening of constitutional institutions, caste census. Under the leadership of Overseas Friends of BJP, Indian-Americans living in America held rallies and meetings in support of BJP in more than 16 cities of America and urged them to vote for BJP in favor of Narendra Modi.

A grand event was organized by Overseas Friends of BJP West Zone at Hollywood Konark Theater in Los Angeles, California, which was attended by Indian Americans, office-bearers, workers and BJP supporters, in which the schemes, achievements of Narendra Modi government including business and foreign The details of the policy included as well as the global fame and reputation arising from it were discussed.

On this occasion, Yogi Patel, Vice Chairman of South Asian Business Network-Saban, said that under Narendra Modi’s government, the grand Ram Temple, the center of faith of Hindus, was constructed, Article 370 has been abolished from Kashmir. After 2014, Modi worked for poverty alleviation which also increased the self-esteem of Indians all over the world. Muslim sisters have been exempted from triple talaq. Not only the sisters but the entire Muslim family has become free from sufferings. In the corruption case, ED recovered Rs. 1000 from corrupt people in 10 years. Assets worth more than Rs 1 lakh crore seized. Guaranteed to make India the third largest economic power in the world. The third biggest economic strength is that people’s income will increase. Job opportunities will increase. Facilities will increase in villages and cities.

On this occasion, Gayatri Temple trustee Rajubhai Patel said that when a crisis like Corona came, the world felt that India would also be ruined and the world would also be ruined. Modi government faced this crisis courageously and made India the fifth largest economy in the world. BJP has given the country its first Dalit President, tribal President.

On this occasion Overseas Friends of BJP in West Zone Company. Convenor PK Nayak said that the third term of the BJP government will be the Modi era of historic decisions. Modi government has worked honestly, due to which India is developing very fast.. This election is a fierce battle between the destructive forces of the world and the Sanatan forces of India and Narendra Bhai Modi is the protector of Sanatan Dharma so BJP All the citizens here have been appealed to vote and pass it on to their friends, relatives and family members.

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