17 Indians caught doing illegal work in Laos return home

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  • 17 Indians were caught in various illegal activities in Laos
  • Foreign Minister S Jaishankar gave this information to X
  • The Indian Ministry of External Affairs once again worked to bring home the Indians stranded in other countries.

Modi government has always played the role of Hanuman for Indians stranded abroad. The Indian External Affairs Ministry has once again proved the trouble-shooting image of Hanumanji. India has provided major relief to 17 Indians and their families by ensuring their return home due to illegal activities in Laos. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in his earlier post on Saturday that 17 Indian workers caught in the lure of illegal work in Laos are being brought back.


Indians return home from Laos

The Foreign Minister praised the Indian Embassy in Laos for its help in this matter. “Modi’s guarantee works for everyone everywhere in the country and abroad,” Jaishankar said in a post on social media platform ‘X’. 17 Indian workers who were duped into illegal and dangerous work in Laos are returning home.” He said, ”Good work Indian Embassy in Laos. Thanks to Lao authorities for assistance in safe return.” The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday cautioned Indian citizens against falling prey to human traffickers promising lucrative job opportunities in Cambodia.

Indians abroad advised to be cautious

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying that Indians looking for jobs in the South-East Asian country should exercise some caution before acting. One such Indian citizen got trapped in the clutches of human traffickers by making false promises on the pretext of a lucrative job in Kabadia. All Indians were advised not to fall into such traps. The Ministry of External Affairs had advised not to talk to such people without seeing and checking.

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