India Canada controversy: Official denial of Indian interference in Canadian elections

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  • Alleged claims of Indian interference in Canadian elections
  • No evidence found of Indian interference in investigation: Canadian official
  • India has already responded to Canada’s allegations

India Canada controversy: Canadian officials have refuted alleged claims of Indian interference in the elections to be held in Canada in the year 2021. The members of the committee formed to investigate the matter said this during a statement. Canadian officials said they have not received any information about India’s role in the Canadian federal election. Senior officials overseeing the 2021 election have testified before the public hearing.

The thing is that the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) has accused India and China of interfering in the federal elections in Canada. The agency said that a proxy agent of the Government of India carried out activities related to interference in the election process. This proxy agent worked in favor of pro-India candidates in some areas. A report by the intelligence agency claims that the agents believe that some voters of Indian origin are leaning towards the Khalistan movement or Pakistan. As such, it works for pro-India candidates.

Justin Trudeau will appear before the investigative committee

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also appear before the investigation committee in this case. Justin Trudeau said he is ready to answer all the questions of the investigating committee. According to Canadian media, the investigative committee is led by Quebec judge Marie-Josée Hogue. During the hearing he took statements of many leaders and officials.

What did India say on interference in Canadian elections?

Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India, has already responded to these allegations of Canada. He said that ‘he has seen media reports against India, all the allegations made by Canada are baseless.’ Randhir Jaiswal said that it is not India’s policy to interfere in the elections of any democratic country. Instead what is happening is that Canada is interfering in the internal affairs of India. After this statement the tension between India and Canada increased.

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