PM Modi: How did Modiji book a hotel and stay in America without talking?

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  • Prime Minister visited America while being an ordinary citizen
  • How he visited 29 states by taking advantage of an airline scheme
  • PM Modi’s US tour important before CM, PM

If a leader goes abroad after becoming Prime Minister or Chief Minister, there is a protocol with him. He doesn’t have to think about rent, car, hotel etc. The employees handle this work easily. However, a common man has to think and understand many things when traveling abroad. At that time Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not even become the CM of Gujarat. He went to America as a common citizen. According to the information, in an interview the PM told how he took advantage of the airline’s scheme and visited 29 states of America.

delta airlines plan

PM Modi said, “He has traveled a lot in America.” Then came a scheme by Delta Airlines which offered unlimited discounted travel for a month. However, no luggage was allowed and there was no reservation of seats. The PM said that he has planned his visit after much thought. For this he also took the help of a map, which he often kept with him.

The PM said, ‘To check seat availability, I used to take a night flight (red-eye flight) which reached me in the morning. Apart from this, there is no need to stay in any hotel. For this he will choose the option of long flight. In the morning, one of our expatriates will receive me and I will spend the whole day with the community. In this way I started understanding them closely and with time came to know them better. I understood their potential and aspirations but they lacked support and guidance.

The PM said that whenever I go abroad, the leaders there always praise Indian tourists a lot. He is working as our ambassador to the world.

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