Chinese spy ship: What is the Chinese spy ship doing in the Indian Ocean?

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  • Chinese naval deployment against ASEAN countries in South China Sea
  • 3 Chinese surveillance and monitoring ships activated in the Indian Ocean
  • Operating in the Maldives, Mauritius and the middle of the Bay of Bengal.

China Spy Ship: At least 3 Chinese survey and spy ships have been sighted in the Indian Ocean after deploying maritime power against ASEAN countries in the South China Sea. The high-powered Chinese surveillance ship Jiang Yang Hong 01 has been spotted 600 miles west of the Andaman Islands (in the middle of the Bay of Bengal) in international waters.

According to the report, the Chinese surveillance ship Jiang Yang Hong 01 is testing underwater vehicles. The ship can remain at a depth of 12 kilometers for up to three months, mapping the ocean floor and collecting ocean data for future submarine operations. XYH 01 entered the Bay of Bengal on the night of 07-08 March and is still deployed in the area.

a spy ship in the maldives

Another Chinese survey vessel, Jiang Yang Hong 03, is using unmanned systems for marine observation and hydrographics surveys in Moijju Male, China’s slave-friendly Maldives, 350 miles off the coast of the Maldives. While, the Indian Navy is monitoring the activities of these Chinese ships in international waters, the main objective is to validate maritime models for future deployment of naval assets such as aircraft carriers in the IOR. XYH 03 entered the IOR about three months ago and continues to operate from the Maldives.

Third ship deployed to Mauritius

China’s third surveillance ship, the Da Yang Hao, is based 1,200 miles south of Port Louis in Mauritius, and the 45th PLA Anti-Piracy Escort Force operates 550 miles southwest of the capital. The PLA’s Anti-Piracy Task Force 46 is operating in the Gulf of Aden, although there are no reports of Chinese ships intercepting any Somali pirates or neutralizing any Houthi missiles.

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