Rajnath Singh’s statement of ‘will enter the house and kill’ angered Pakistan

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  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s speech against Pakistan inspired terrorism
  • If the terrorist flees to Pakistan, we will enter and kill him: Rajnath Singh
  • International community should hold India accountable for its despicable acts: Pakistan

In an interview, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that a befitting reply will be given to the terrorists carrying out terrorist activities in India, if the terrorists flee to Pakistan to escape, India will enter and kill them. This statement of Rajnath Singh has hurt Pakistan so much that it has become desperate. Pakistan has termed this statement of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh as a provocative statement and has criticized it.

The thing is that Rajnath Singh was asked in an interview that a British newspaper report claimed that Indian intelligence agencies have infiltrated Pakistan after 2019 and eliminated their enemies. What do you say on that? In the question-answer session, Rajnath Singh proudly talked about entering Pakistan and killing the enemies. A British media report said that India is using local criminals of Pakistan to carry out its mission.

Pakistan reacted to Defense Minister’s statement

Angered by the statement of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement and made many allegations against India. “Pakistan criticizes the statement made by the Indian Defense Minister in response to media revelations about India’s covert operations on its soil,” the statement said. On January 25, 2024, Islamabad also gave evidence of India’s involvement in the murders taking place in Pakistan.

The statement further said, “Infiltrating into Pakistan and calling people ‘terrorists’ and killing them is proof of India’s criminality. India is admitting that it is preparing to do such things. Pakistan said, “It is very important for the international community to hold India accountable for its heinous and illegal acts.”

A Pakistan capable of defending itself

Emphasizing on its security, Pakistan said, “Islamabad is committed to protect itself from any attack on its sovereignty. The present government of India keeps making such statements to gain electoral advantage by inciting nationalism among the people.” The statement further said, “Such short-sighted and irresponsible behavior not only harms regional peace but also hinders the possibilities of mutual discussion.”

What was the statement of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh?

In response to a question asked about the killings taking place in Pakistan, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gave a statement saying, “If any terrorist from our neighboring country tries to disturb the peace of our India or commits terrorist acts in India. Then he will be given a reply.” -Leave a Comment The Defense Minister further said, “Even if the terrorists who commit such acts escape and flee to Pakistan, we will enter Pakistan and eliminate them.” He said that India has the power to crack down on cross-border terrorism.

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