US Airlines wrote a letter to Joe Biden, what did it say about China?

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  • Do not allow more flights between China and US: Airlines
  • China’s current policies are dangerous and anti-competitive
  • 3,15,000 employees of American airlines are upset with China’s policy!

Relations between America and China have not been good for some time. Meanwhile, American Airlines has expressed its opinion by writing a letter to the Biden administration. American Airlines said it has told authorities that no more flights should be allowed between China and the US. Giving reasons, the airlines said that China’s current policies are dangerous and anti-competitive. His policies could hurt American airlines and American workers.

3,15,000 employees of American Airlines are upset

The thing is that American Airlines has written a letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday. In this letter, the airlines said that China had imposed strict restrictions against market access during the Corona epidemic. This affected American Airlines’ operations, customers, and crews. About 3,15,000 employees of airlines are suffering the brunt of China’s policies. Let us tell you that this letter was written on behalf of Airlines for America, an organization representing various American airlines. The organization includes American Airlines (AAL), Delta (DAL), United (United) Airlines.

Chinese airlines still use Russian aircraft

According to media reports, in February the US had given permission to Chinese airlines to increase direct passenger flights to America. The purpose of this decision was to gradually restore the aviation services affected due to the Corona epidemic. US authorities have allowed Chinese airlines to operate 50 weekly roundtrips to and from the US. The letter further said that relations with China deteriorated in 2022 when Chinese airlines continued to use Russian airspace. When American planes stopped using Russian airfields after the Ukraine invasion.

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