Israeli hostages are being sought in the six-month-long war between Hamas and Israel.

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  • Protesters in Washington are demanding the release of hostages
  • Protesters demand meeting with Joe Biden
  • Israel and Hamas suffered huge losses in six months

Six months have passed since the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. About 130 Israeli citizens have been held hostage in Gaza. Protesters in Washington took out a rally on Sunday (April 7) demanding his release. Family members of the hostages were also present at the rally, including Keith’s daughter Ellen Siegel and hostage Aviva Siegel. Aviva, released after 51 days, spoke at the rally. He said that I have no human rights. I didn’t think I would survive but I came back.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid, who was at the rally, reportedly said he planned to meet with the Biden administration. “We have to do everything possible to bring them back home,” Lapid said. According to a team of UN experts, Hamas gunmen entered Israel on October 7 and killed 1,200 people and sexually assaulted some victims.

Israeli civilians were freed in the agreement

The gunmen also took 253 people hostage, including children and the elderly, civilians and soldiers. About half of them were released under a deal in late November. Talks resumed on Sunday to reach a second ceasefire in Egypt. Dozens of remaining hostages are expected to be freed under the agreement. According to health officials, more than 33,000 people have been killed in Israel’s retaliatory attacks in Gaza.

The war started in October last year

On 7 October, Hamas fighters attacked Israeli cities, kibbutzim, military bases and border towns. From here to Gaza, the fighters took about 240 Israeli and foreign citizens hostage. Hamas fighters killed at least 1,200 Israeli civilians in air and ground attacks. Israeli civilians did not even get a chance to recover from the sudden attack and the fighters killed dozens of Israeli civilians in the firing. An estimated 360 deaths occurred at the Nova festival site, where suspected Israelis were busy celebrating. Hamas fighters took 240 people hostage from here, including Israelis and foreign citizens.

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