Elon Musk: Why does he want to come to India, Musk is eager to meet PM Modi?

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  • Tesla chief Elon Musk to meet PM Modi during his India visit
  • Elon Musk informed about coming to India on social media
  • Will announce plans to invest and open new factories in the country

Tesla chief Elon Musk has confirmed his visit to India. On Wednesday, April 10, at 11:14 pm, X wrote in the post that he is eager to meet the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. However, Musk, the fourth richest person in the world, did not give any information about when he would come to India. There are speculations that Elon Musk may come to India to meet PM Modi by the end of April.

According to reports, billionaire Musk is expected to visit India later this month and announce his plans to invest in the country and open a new factory here. Indian customers are also eagerly waiting for Tesla cars.

Met PM Modi in June last year

Elon Musk is also the founder of SpaceX. He had met PM Modi in America in June last year and described himself as his fan. The CEO of the electric car maker said, “I am confident that Tesla will be in India and efforts will be made for it as soon as possible.”

Center has made a new EV policy

Musk has announced his visit to India at a time when India has announced a new electric vehicle policy. About a month ago, the central government had announced that it would reduce the import tax on a certain number of electronic vehicles by 85 percent to attract investments from the world’s reputed manufacturers.

Under the policy, companies that invest at least 500 million dollars (about Rs 4 thousand crore) and set up factories in the country will be exempted from import duty. Earlier it was reported that Tesla officials are expected to visit India this month. They want to see the site for a Tesla plant. Which will require an investment of approximately $2 billion.

Maharashtra most favorite place

According to reports, Tesla is looking for a partner in India. It is claimed that American auto company Tesla wants to do business with Reliance to set up a plant. For this, a place is being searched in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Maharashtra is said to be Tesla’s favorite destination.

Why is the screw stuck?

Tesla tried to directly enter the Indian market in 2019. That means this car will be made in China or other countries and sold in the Indian market. But the government was imposing heavy import duty on it, which Musk was trying to reduce. But the Indian government has made it clear that if Tesla sets up a plant in India, then concessions can be considered.

The government has not allowed Tesla cars made in China to be sold in India. The government has asked Elon Musk’s company to set up plants in the country for manufacturing for domestic sales and exports.

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