Iran could attack Israel within 48 hours: CIA issues warning

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  • Iran also asked to stay away from America and said that it is ready
  • Israel also said that it is ready to give a befitting reply to this attack.
  • Now Iran is ready to retaliate. within the next 48 hours

Iran can launch a massive attack on Israel. America’s intelligence agency CIA has sent the biggest alert ever to Israel giving details of this Iranian plan. According to the CIA, Iran will use hundreds of drones and dozens of cruise missiles in its attack. Iranian drones and missiles will target key Israeli targets. After the attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 last year, the CIA has informed that the biggest crisis against Israel is about to come. Meanwhile, according to global media reports, Iran may directly jump into the war between Israel and Hamas. Iran is preparing to respond to the alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria and has sent a written message to the US asking it to stand down. Iran’s main representative in the Middle East, Hezbollah, has also directly warned Israel that it is ready for war.

Amidst the threat from Iran, Israel is also preparing for a strong reaction and is on alert. The leaves of fighter soldiers have been canceled and the soldiers kept in reserve have also been called and air security has been increased. A navigation system has also been deployed to intercept drones and missiles. Iran is angry after top Iranian commander Reza Zahedi was killed in an Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria on Monday.

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