UNGA President praised India and talked about digitalization in India

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  • UN chief impressed by India’s investments and use of technology
  • United Nations President has become a fan of India’s digitalization model
  • Digitization has benefited the people of India – Dennis Francis

The United Nations Assembly has also become a fan of the rapid digitalization taking place in India. President of the United Nations Assembly, Dennis Francis, praised India and said that this will promote financial inclusion in India and will also help in reducing poverty. He said that other countries should also pay attention to this. I believe this can be shared with the global community.

UN General Assembly lauds digitization in India

Referring to digitalization in India, President of the United Nations General Assembly, Dennis Francis, said that whenever I think of India, I remember Incredible India. I saw it when I was there. Let me tell you that digitalization is being used a lot in India. It is noteworthy that Francis was on an official visit to India from 22 to 26 January this year. Meanwhile, he held a bilateral meeting with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in New Delhi and also visited Jaipur and Mumbai. During the visit, he held discussions with people, including government officials, focusing on issues such as technology and digital public infrastructure. After which the President of the United Nations became a fan of India’s digitalization model.

The people of India have benefited from digitalization

During his address at the United Nations General Assembly he said that digitalization is important, it reduces costs and makes the economy more efficient, making things cheaper. She cited the example of digitalization that has helped Indian women and farmers across the country and in remote places to communicate, transact with banks and make payments without leaving their homes, farms or fields.

I am amazed by the digitization of India – Dennis Francis

Dennis Francis said that all this is helping to make India’s economy more competitive. So I think this is an area in which India has clearly benefited. Francis also said that during his visit to India he was impressed by the country’s investments in technology and infrastructure development.

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