Israel-Hamas war: ICJ accuses Germany, Western countries of helping genocide in Gaza

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  • Complaints against Germany and the West in the International Court of Justice
  • A legal adviser from the German Foreign Ministry defended the ICJ
  • 98 percent of the weapons sent by Germany were only for training.

Israel-Hamas war: Nicaragua has filed a case at the International Court of Justice accusing Germany and the West of aiding Israel in the massacre in Gaza. However, Germany has denied these allegations. On Tuesday, German Foreign Ministry legal adviser Tania Vo Usler said the case filed by Nicaragua was hasty and based on weak evidence. Germany also asked for the case to be dismissed.

This is the reason behind Germany’s support to Israel

Tania Vo Usler said that Germany is fulfilling its obligations towards both Israel and the Palestinian people. Germany’s preference for Israel is due to the Nazis’ history of exterminating the Jews. German lawyer Christian Tams said that 98 percent of the weapons sent by Germany after the October 7 attack on Israel were just helmets, binoculars and bulletproof vests.

Tamms said that three of the four arms shipments sent to Germany were for training purposes only, not weapons used during the war. It has been 6 months since the war between Israel and Hamas. There have been numerous protests, court cases and claims by social groups that Israel is killing many Palestinians and that Germany and the West are helping it.

IDF has killed more than 13 thousand Hamas terrorists so far

In such a situation, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has released some figures regarding the war, in which the Israeli Army claims that 13 thousand Hamas fighters have been killed in the war so far, which is more than any other terrorist group. Additionally, approximately a thousand militants were killed in Israel during the October 7 attacks, while Hamas militants killed 1,200 civilians in Israel. According to Israeli military figures, 3,700 Palestinians have been arrested in the West Bank, including 1,600 Hamas figures.

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