Severe flood in Russia’s Ural River, 4000 people rescued

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  • Villages again flooded due to severe flood in Ural River
  • A dam broke in an area near the border with Kazakhstan
  • 4,208 people including 1,019 children were evacuated

Due to the massive flood in the Ural River in Russia, nearby villages were submerged. Due to which a large number of people got stuck in their own homes. A dam also collapsed due to excessive flow of water. The provincial government evacuated 2,000 people from the Orsk region on Saturday. This area is located on the border of Kazakhstan. In the video released by the emergency services, people wearing life jackets are seen during the rescue.

On Friday, local officials in the Arenberg region of the Ural Mountains appealed to people living along the river to evacuate the area after a dam broke. The reason for dam breakage is said to be lack of proper maintenance.

4 thousand people were saved

More than 4,000 people were rescued from floods caused by the failure of a dam in the Orenburg region near the Kazakhstan border. The Orenburg governor’s office said Saturday that ‘4,208 people, including 1,019 children, have been evacuated and more than 2,500 homes have been affected by flooding.’

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