Relief and rescue operations halted due to another earthquake in Taiwan

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  • Earthquake shocks again during relief operations in Taiwan
  • The work of removing the collapsed building was stopped amid the earthquake.
  • Amid fears, an earthquake of 5.2 magnitude occurred in Taiwan

After the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred just four days ago, there are continuous tremors in Taiwan. This has created an atmosphere of fear among the people. So far 13 people have died in this earthquake. Whereas due to the earthquake, more than 600 people are still stranded somewhere. To whom relief has not reached. Meanwhile, the work of demolishing the tilted building due to the earthquake was going on in Taiwan, but after the recent earthquake, tremors are still being felt and in the meantime the work of demolishing the half tilted building has been stopped. This information has been given in media reports.

Work on demolition of tilted building halted amid earthquake in Taiwan

A 10-storey red building in the city of Hualien has become a landmark image of the powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck on Wednesday. Due to the earthquake, people were buried under huge stones in the famous Taroko National Park, about 25 kilometers from Hualin city. The death toll has increased to 13 after the body of a third person was found in the park today. Six others are missing.

Earthquake of 5.2 magnitude occurred today

Even three days after the earthquake, more than 600 people are still stranded in Taiwan. Most people are in hotels in Taroko Park. Hundreds of tremors have been felt since the earthquake. One of these tremors was felt shortly before noon on Saturday, whose intensity was measured at 5.2. Due to continuous earthquake tremors, an atmosphere of fear has been created among the people.

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