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At what age can youngsters be vaccinated towards meningitis, physician? (Tan Lengthy, 31 years previous, Binh Duong)

Meningitis is brought on by many brokers. Amongst them, the group of brokers that may be prevented by vaccines are Hib micro organism, pneumococcus and meningococcus, from which there are numerous several types of injections.

We don’t understand how previous your grandchild is or what his vaccination historical past is, so right here is a few basic details about meningitis vaccines for your loved ones’s reference:

Hib meningitis vaccine, mixed in 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 injections. This sort is indicated for youngsters from 2 months previous, may be vaccinated as early as 6 weeks of age, or on the newest as 2 years previous.

Single Hib vaccine, indicated for youngsters from 2 months to fifteen years previous.

Pneumococcal vaccine helps stop ailments brought on by this micro organism, corresponding to pneumonia, meningitis, septicemia, otitis media, and sinusitis. This sort is given to youngsters from 2 months previous and adults, and may be given as early as 6 weeks of age.

Meningococcal vaccine additionally helps stop meningitis and prevents 5 high-risk bacterial strains that trigger the illness, together with A, B, C, Y, and W-135. Amongst them, group B meningococcal vaccine (Italy) is given to youngsters from 2 months previous and adults as much as 50 years previous. Vaccine towards group B and C micro organism (Cuba) is given to youngsters from 6 months and adults as much as 45 years previous. Forms of vaccine teams A, C, Y, W135 (USA) are vaccinated for youngsters from 9 months previous and adults as much as 55 years previous.

Kids needs to be vaccinated as quickly as they’re sufficiently old to successfully stop meningitis. Picture: Unsplash

The brokers Hib, pneumococcus, and meningococcus are all transmitted via the respiratory tract. Apart from vaccination, it’s obligatory to use different illness prevention measures corresponding to exercising, consuming a nutritious diet, carrying a masks, retaining distance when going to crowded locations, often washing palms with cleaning soap, not arbitrarily taking remedy with out an correct prognosis.

Meningitis typically leaves extreme neurological and motor operate sequelae corresponding to deafness, blindness, paralysis, amputation, and mental impairment. Specifically, meningococcal meningitis could cause loss of life in simply 24 hours with preliminary signs which can be simply confused with the frequent chilly corresponding to fever, headache, fatigue…

The World Well being Group (WHO) has affirmed that the most effective vaccination is the earliest vaccination. Kids should be vaccinated once they attain age. Injecting in the proper injection route and with the right routine is a technique to successfully assist youngsters change into proof against ailments that may be prevented by vaccines.

Along with infants, adolescents, adults, the aged, and other people with underlying medical situations, additionally they must evaluation their vaccination data and complement lacking meningitis photographs to keep away from getting sick or turning into carriers of the illness. unfold illness to the group.

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