Maldives rebellion: First China, now considers India as friendly country

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  • Statement by the Finance Minister of the island nation amid India-Maldives tension
  • Maldives is not only a friend of India-China but also of many countries: Finance Minister
  • Number of Indian tourists decreased due to tension, but..: Mohammad Saeed

After Mohammed Muizzu came to power, relations between India and Maldives deteriorated significantly. At present the tension between the two countries has increased considerably. An important statement from the Finance Minister of Maldives has come amidst the ongoing tension between India and Maldives. Maldives Finance Minister Mohammed Sayeed says that India is still a friendly country of Maldives.

During an exclusive conversation with a media house, Saeed was asked whether Maldives can now be a friend of both China and India? In response, he said that Maldives is a friend not only of two countries but also of many countries.

The Finance Minister of Maldives says that as far as I think Maldives is a friend of all countries. Not just 2 countries India and China. Our economy is completely dependent on tourism. Therefore, the doors are open to all countries in Maldives. If you want to spend holidays in Maldives, then people from both India and China praise this place. If we talk about the market, both the countries are very important from Maldives’ point of view.

Talking about relations with India, Saeed said that indeed the relations between India and Maldives are still strong. We and our Government would like to see more than just foreign military powers in the Maldives. Meanwhile, Saeed also reiterated that interference by any external military personnel in Maldives after May 10 will not be tolerated. The special thing is that due to the ongoing ‘Boycott Maldives’ campaign in India, Indian tourists are avoiding going to Maldives.

Answering this question, he said that some things have been exaggerated on the world stage. There is no truth in this. Tourists from India and some countries have definitely decreased, but tourists from other countries have increased.

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