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Kids utilizing drinks containing espresso, fried meals, sugar, chocolate, sweets, and dried fruits could cause digestive issues and intervene with sleep.

Physician Lam Boi Hy, Division of Pediatrics, Tam Anh Basic Hospital, Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, mentioned that many youngsters who come to the hospital with bloating, indigestion, and insomnia come to the hospital for examination because of errors of their weight loss program. Beneath are some meals that youngsters have to restrict or cease utilizing earlier than dinner to guard their well being.

Drinks containing caffeine

Drinks equivalent to iced tea, milk tea, espresso, and power drinks comprise caffeine – a stimulant that causes problem sleeping. If a baby makes use of this drink and exhibits indicators of discomfort, restlessness, or problem sleeping, mother and father ought to let the kid drink extra filtered water to dissolve the quantity of caffeine within the physique.

Sugary drinks

Drinks equivalent to soda, fruit juice, sugary juice, mushy drinks… shouldn’t be given to youngsters earlier than bedtime. Meals wealthy in sugar usually are not good to your enamel and enhance blood sugar ranges. Milks additionally comprise sugar. Dr. Boi Hy recommends that folks ought to give their youngsters milk 1-2 hours earlier than bedtime in order that the vitamins are greatest absorbed.

Fried and fried meals

Fried hen, potatoes, fried sausages… are the favourite dishes of many youngsters. Mother and father can feed their youngsters a number of occasions per week however keep away from utilizing it at bedtime. These dishes are sometimes processed in oil, inflicting the physique to take longer to digest, inflicting bloating, discomfort, and insomnia.

Chocolate, sweets

Chocolate comprises a small quantity of caffeine combined with butter, milk, sugar and some different components. Chocolate can have an effect on sleep as a result of it comprises a variety of amino tyrosine, which might stimulate a rise in pleasure, making the physique alert. As well as, cocoa additionally comprises some caffeine.

Contemporary and dried fruit

Dried fruit has a variety of pure sugar and energy. As a result of drying course of, the water in recent fruit is eliminated, leaving sugar and energy in a small bundle. Mother and father ought to restrict youngsters’s consumption of this meals as a result of it comprises a variety of glucose and fructose.

As well as, earlier than going to mattress, youngsters who eat an excessive amount of recent fruit can even have digestive issues. It’s best so as to add recent fruit to meals in the course of the day or a couple of hours earlier than going to mattress.

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