Pakistan News: International insult to Pakistanis, they were expelled from the country

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  • Poor Pakistan is being insulted at the international level.
  • Forced deportation from various countries
  • Nearly 20,000 Pakistanis were expelled in three years

Pakistan, which is suffering from poverty and misery, is also called ‘International Stigma’. In fact, Pakistan is being disgraced at the international level because of those people who are not only being forcibly deported from different countries, but are also being arrested and sent back.

Nearly 20,000 Pakistanis have been deported back to Pakistan from various countries in the last three years after facing serious charges and punishments like theft, dacoity, rape and involvement in terrorist organisations, according to documents tabled in the Pakistan Parliament in its own Senate. Has been given. Which includes Pakistan’s closest countries, from Turkey to Greece, Italy and America. Now after Pakistan’s international disgrace, Islamabad has had to reveal a secret to the people of its own country. In which there is a complete list of people who were expelled from different countries of the world after humiliating them.

Report presented in the Senate of Pakistan Parliament

Recently, a report presented in the Parliament of Pakistan tells the story of its international humiliation. In fact, a few days ago the Interior Ministry of Pakistan had submitted a report to the Senate of its Parliament. According to this report, Pakistani citizens were expelled from 134 countries of the world in different ways. According to available documents, hundreds of Pakistanis have been deported from countries like Libya, Turkey and the US this year alone.

Turkey threatened Pakistanis the most

Turkey, the country with the closest and strongest relations with Pakistan, has recently expelled the largest number of Pakistanis. In 2024 itself, Turkey expelled more than 600 Pakistanis from its country in two different phases. According to the information, in the first phase of 2024, 404 people have been deported from the country in connection with various musical crimes like sexual exploitation of women, rape, theft, robbery, money laundering etc. within Turkey.

Statistics also prove that Turkey, considered a friend of Pakistan, has expelled Pakistanis from its country not only in the first phase but also in the second phase. In the second phase, Turkey once again detained 252 people involved in different crimes and sent them back to Pakistan. The official letter sent by Turkey to Islamabad gives full details of the actions and actions of the Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, on 7 November 2023, Turkey’s Federal Investigation Agency identified 383 Pakistanis who were continuously living in Turkey and committing crimes. These crimes included robbery, rape, money laundering, and were also committed by illegal immigrants entering Turkey. Islamabad was continuously informed about the actions being taken against its citizens from different countries of the world.

Two terrorists were evacuated from Italy

According to sources associated with central intelligence agencies, concrete information has been received about two Pakistani citizens joining a terrorist organization in Italy. Both these citizens were residents of Islamabad and Karachi of Pakistan. In which Yasin Tahir was from Islamabad and Alma Shaikh was from Rawalpindi.

According to sources, when the action started against Pakistanis living illegally in Italy, both the Pakistani citizens were detained and interrogated. When strictly interrogated, both the Pakistani nationals confessed to their involvement in local terrorist organizations. Later both these Pakistani citizens were sentenced to 7 years in jail. Later Italy handed over its terrorist citizens to Pakistan.

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