America’s silence on the killing of India’s enemies, ‘We have nothing to say…but’

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  • India’s enemies are dying on foreign soil
  • British media report on Pakistan’s allegations
  • America has appealed to both the countries to find a solution through dialogue

Recently many enemies of India have been killed on foreign soil. India’s enemies have been killed in Pakistan also. Pakistan has made this allegation against India, but India has clearly denied these allegations. Now America has issued a statement in this regard and appealed to both the countries to find a solution through dialogue.

Know what America said?

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller was asked about Pakistan’s allegations during a press conference. Regarding this, Matthew Miller said, ‘We are keeping an eye on media reports on this issue. We do not wish to comment on the allegations. We do not wish to interfere in this matter, but we encourage both parties to find a solution through dialogue.

News regarding Pakistan’s allegations were published in many British media reports. However, India dismissed these reports as misleading and false propaganda. These reports claimed that Indian intelligence agency RAW targeted the country’s enemies on foreign soil. Since the Pulwama attack in 2019, there have been 20 such incidents in which unknown attackers targeted India’s enemies on foreign soil.

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