Pakistan: Husband murdered his wife and seven children under the influence of alcohol, this was the reason…

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  • A man threw his family out of his house due to lack of money
  • Seven children and wife were killed with an ax that could not feed them.
  • On the day of Eid, due to poverty, the man took his last step.

A shocking incident has come to light from the neighboring country Pakistan. A man struggling with financial crisis killed eight members of his family by killing them with an axe. In this incident all eight people died on the spot. A man named Sajjad Khokhar was not able to support his children and wife. So he killed him.

According to the information, this incident took place in Punjab province of Pakistan. Accused Sajjad Khokhar murdered his wife and 7 minor children. It is being told that the accused was very upset due to lack of money and he often had disputes with his wife. After this heinous crime, Punjab Police has arrested the accused. Sajjad’s 42-year-old wife Kausar, four daughters and three sons died in this incident.

What did the accused say to the police?

Police told the media that the accused had murdered his family with an ax and the accused has confessed to his crime. The accused man told the police that he could no longer feed his children and wife, due to which he was murdered. This incident has shocked the entire world including Pakistan. This means that the situation in Pakistan has become so out of control that common people are forced to ruin their families due to lack of money.

Imran Khan expressed fear of Dhaka tragedy

On the other hand, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has written a letter to the government from Adiala Jail, in which he has discussed the economic situation of Pakistan. Imran said that no country can run without economic stability. He has drawn comparisons between recent political developments in Pakistan and the Dhaka tragedy of 1971. Imran has expressed fear of ‘Dhaka tragedy’ in Pakistan.

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