The influence of religion is declining in America: Muslims are also leaving religion

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  • A report by Pew Research Center claims that the influence of religion in American public life has declined.
  • In this survey, 13 percent people said that religion has a deep influence on Joe Biden.
  • More and more people will not believe in any religion

The influence of religion in public life in America is continuously decreasing. About 80 percent of Americans believe this and say that the influence of religion in public life has decreased. This claim has been made in a report of Pew Research Center. This is the first time that such a large number of Americans are saying that the influence of religion in their lives is decreasing. However, those who say that the influence of religion has decreased also believe that this is not a good thing. While barely eight percent of American adults believe the influence of religion is increasing, that is a good thing. In this survey, questions were also asked about US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, whether these people are under the influence of religion? In response to this question, 13 percent people said that religion has a deep influence on Joe Biden. Whereas only four percent people said that Christianity has influenced Donald Trump.

No one in America likes to display religion anymore: Survey

Overall, it became clear from this survey that the influence of religion in public life in America is rapidly waning. Another interesting finding is that religions other than Christianity have also started to show the effect that people who believe in them do not want to display religion in public.

In a 2017 survey, 23 percent Muslims claimed to have left the religion.

In the year 2017, a survey was also conducted in America. It claimed that about 23 percent of American Muslims have become separated from their religion. It is also called X-Muslim Movement. Apart from this, there are 22 percent Christians who do not want to join their own religion. However, the important thing in this survey is that if 23 percent Muslims are leaving the religion, then there are also 23 percent who are leaving other religions and adopting the Muslim religion.

Biggest loss to Christianity: survey

According to this survey, the biggest loss has been suffered by Christianity. 22 percent of its followers were leaving this religion and on the contrary, there were hardly 6 percent people who were leaving other religions and coming to this religion. It is noteworthy that a similar survey was conducted in America in 2014, in which 24 percent of Muslims said that they had separated from their religion. However, these people did not join any other religion and preferred to call themselves atheists.

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