Joe Biden’s threat forces Netanyahu to open border to Palestinians

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  • A fierce war has been going on between Hamas and Israel for six months.
  • The situation for thousands of homeless people is like falling down to the ground amidst the debris in Gaza.
  • Israel agreed due to UNO and America’s initiative

Israel issued a government statement on Friday saying Israel was taking major steps to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, including opening crossings to northern Gaza. The statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office came hours after talks between Joe Biden and Netanyahu. Joe Biden said the US would cut off aid to Israel if Israel obstructed humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians.

Israel’s announcement of opening the border did not specify what and how much would be sent to Gaza through this route. But after agreeing with Joe Biden, America has continued to provide military and diplomatic assistance to Israel. The world is angry with Israel after the death of 7 aid workers delivering food to Gaza. In such a situation, America was also ready to leave Israel.

What did Israeli officials say?

Gaza’s health ministry said more than 33,000 Palestinians had been killed as of Thursday, while 75,600 were wounded since the war between Ukraine and Hamas began. An Israeli official said the security cabinet had agreed to open the border to Palestine for the first time since October 7. Israeli officials said that humanitarian aid will be delivered to Palestinian citizens through this route. The cabinet also approved the use of Israel’s Ashdod port to provide more aid to Gaza.

United Nations welcomed this decision

The United Nations has also welcomed the opening of the border. Israel is said to have opened the Gil border crossing, known as the Erez crossing. Through this route, Hamas attacked Israel and killed more than 1200 people and also took about 250 hostage. The United Nations said opening the border cautiously is a good step from a humanitarian perspective. UN Secretary General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said that there is a need for a ceasefire between the two countries.

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