Cyclone Kathleen caused devastation, floods, 70 flights canceled in Britain

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  • Many houses remained in darkness due to the storm in United Kingdom
  • Railway train service, air service, people affected by flood
  • Strong winds blow across Britain

Hurricane Kathleen hits the UK coast. This caused strong winds across Britain. A yellow alert has been issued from the north-west of England to Scotland from Saturday morning to 10 pm. Also, it will bring winds up to 70 miles per hour. 70 flights to and from UK airports were canceled due to Cyclone Kathleen. Due to this many flights were diverted.

Air service badly affected due to cyclone

According to the information, flights from Belfast City Airport have been cancelled. British and French services have been canceled for the time being. According to experts, this storm is due to rising temperatures across Britain. An expert of the Meteorological Department said that the temperature is increasing due to the storm. Because, the stormy location is towards the west of Britain. Furthermore, meteorologists said it is bringing warm temperatures from the continent. This means temperatures in Britain could reach 22 degrees Celsius.

Impact of storm on rail service

Cyclone Kathleen has affected train services across Scotland. The rail network has decided to slow down the speed of trains on this route from Saturday afternoon. Also, railway passengers are advised to check the route before travelling. Storm Kathleen is bringing high winds to Britain. Meanwhile, people in Ireland are facing power cuts. Thousands of homes across Ireland have been hit by blackouts. A truck crashed on the roads due to the storm. The truck had to be lifted with the help of a crane. Many areas have been flooded due to the storm.

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