Earthquake hits America, tremors of 4.8 magnitude felt in New York

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  • Earthquake of 4.8 magnitude hits New York and New Jersey
  • People who felt the strong tremors of the earthquake got scared
  • There is currently no report of damage: US Police

People have still not forgotten the earthquake in Taiwan, while strong earthquake tremors have been felt in another country. Strong earthquake tremors have been felt in many areas of America. Earthquake tremors were felt in Sayang on Friday. According to the information, an earthquake of 4.8 magnitude was felt in New York and New Jersey. As soon as people felt the strong shock of the earthquake, panic spread and people came out of their homes and offices and started looking for safe places.

The New York City Fire Department said that the earthquake was felt around 10:30 am local time, after which the department started receiving phone calls. On this call, people said that earthquake tremors were felt in the buildings there. According to the USGS, the earthquake’s epicenter was northeast of Lebanon, New Jersey.

Media reports citing data from the US Geological Survey said people felt the quake in several buildings in the north-eastern parts of the country. However, the police department has informed that at present there is no news of any damage.

Before America, earthquakes were also felt in Myanmar. The intensity of the earthquake there was measured at 5.8 and its center was said to be at a depth of 10 kilometers from the ground.

Before America and Myanmar, there was an earthquake in Taiwan. A magnitude 7.3 earthquake was felt in Taiwan on the morning of Wednesday, April 3. 7 people have died due to the earthquake, while many people have been injured. After the earthquake, a tsunami warning was issued there.

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