New Zealand tightens visa rules, shock to Indian workers, know new changes

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  • New Zealand has made a major change in visa rules
  • These changes will affect Indian workers
  • Most Indians reached New Zealand in the year 2023

The New Zealand government made major changes to visa rules on Sunday (April 7) to reduce the number of foreign workers in the country. Changes in New Zealand’s visa rules will be a big blow to Indian workers. According to Sputnik report, 173,000 migrant workers arrived in New Zealand in 2023 alone, of which 35 percent were Indians. After the changes announced on Sunday, it is clear that New Zealand’s priority is to provide more employment opportunities for local people.

Immigration Secretary Erica Stanford said of the new rules, “These changes are the beginning of a broader program to create a better immigration system that responds to our changing economic context and attracts top talent.” He said it is self-financing and sustainable and manages risks better. The proposed changes aim to reduce the displacement of New Zealand workers by better assessing the local labor market. Stanford clarified that many of these changes are not new but a return to pre-COVID norms, which strike a balance between business needs and national interests.

Preparation to promote local workers

Getting our immigration settings right is vital to the Government’s plan to rebuild the economy, the Immigration Minister said. He said the government is focusing on attracting and retaining high-skilled migrants, such as secondary teachers, where there is a skills shortage. At the same time we need to ensure that New Zealanders are kept at the front of the queue where there is no skills shortage.

What are the new changes?

Under the new change, minimum English language proficiency has been prescribed for Level 4 and 5 employees. Visas for low-skilled jobs have been cut. Visa seekers will now be required to have minimum skills and work experience for most jobs. He advised local employers that low-skilled jobs should be filled with locals first. With this, the duration of visa has been reduced from 5 to 3 years. The franchise recognition category will also be abolished. Companies must follow standard, high-volume or triad employment accreditation processes to hire foreign workers.

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