Russian drone attack on people enjoying sweet sleep in Kharkiv

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  • 6 killed, more than 10 injured in drone attack on Kharkiv city
  • The attack was confirmed by the National Emergency Service and the city’s mayor.
  • 9 multi-storey buildings, 3 hostels and a petrol pump station were targeted

There has been a war going on between Russia and Ukraine for a long time. Russia launched a drone attack on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, on the night of Friday, March 5, killing 6 people and injuring 10. The attack happened when people were sleeping in their homes. After the attack, there was screams among the people nearby. Information about the drone attack was provided by the National Emergency Service and the city’s mayor on Saturday 6 March.

According to the news agency report, Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov also revealed the number of dead and injured in the enemy country’s attack through a Telegram post. The mayor claimed that the drone strike specifically targeted Shevchenkivsky in the northern part of the city.

Mayor Terekhov also claimed that the drone that Russia attacked was an Iran-made drone. At least 9 high-rise buildings, 3 dormitories and a petrol pump station were targeted in the attack.

Governor Oleg Sinegubov confirmed the attack.

On the other hand, regional governor Oleg Sinegubov had earlier said that two people had died in the attack in Shevchenkivsky. While police confirmed the death, they later said that eight more people were admitted to hospital with serious injuries in the drone strike.

There was also an attack in Mala Danilivka village of Kharkiv

Kharkiv police claimed that those injured in the attack included two women aged between 25 and 52 and six men aged between 23 and 76. Additionally, another attack took place in the village of Maala Danilivka on the northwestern border of Kharkiv, but there were no reports of any casualties.

Police released several pictures of the attack

Many photographs have also been released by the police department in a Telegram post. Fire was seen at many places in the civil area including high-rise apartment buildings. Officials also claimed that several buildings, including a residential block and a petrol station, were damaged in the Russian attack. The attack comes at a time when the Ukrainian Air Force has alerted about the activation of several groups of Russian drones across the country.

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