The British government sent a naval ship to help people in Gaza

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  • Announced support for maritime security operations
  • Britain will deploy naval ships in the Mediterranean Sea
  • A fierce war has been going on between Israel and Hamas for six months.

The UK government has announced military and civilian support for humanitarian aid in Gaza amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Under this, a naval ship will be deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. A press release has been issued by Britain in this regard. It said the government was announcing a package of military and civilian assistance to establish a maritime assistance corridor to Gaza, including the deployment of a Royal Navy ship to engage in life-saving missions. The UK will support the establishment of an international humanitarian maritime corridor. From Cyprus to Gaza. The UK government has also announced a package of $9.7 million to help the people of Gaza.

Britain will provide all possible help to Gaza

In a press release, the UK government said it was making every possible effort to provide assistance to Gaza by air, land and sea. Britain’s Royal Air Force has carried out five airdrops on the Gaza coast, safely delivering more than 40 tonnes of food supplies, including water and rations. According to the government, the fastest way to get the hostages home safely is a permanent ceasefire.

Situation in Gaza is serious – David Cameron

Britain’s Foreign Office says it has sent the largest aid ever to Gaza as part of a partnership with the World Food Programme. More than 2,000 tonnes of food aid is being distributed to needy families. Foreign Secretary David Cameron described the situation in Gaza as serious. He said the UK is committed to providing support to those who need it most. According to him, the situation in Gaza is serious and there is a possibility of famine. We are committed to providing support to those who need it most. Let us tell you that the death toll in Gaza had crossed 33,000. Seven World Central Kitchen employees were killed in a recent Israeli attack.

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