If there is a foreign minister like Jaishankar then Qamar Cheema would have said a big thing

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  • Pakistani experts are worried about foreign policy
  • ‘Pakistan has no one who can improve its image’
  • Qamar Cheema arguing with an academic during a debate

Pakistan expert Dr. Qamar Cheema is now worried about Pakistan’s foreign policy. He said that the way India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar presents India’s story to the world, which is not seen with Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is continuously lagging behind in matters of foreign policy. Cheema has expressed concern about improving the image of Islamabad in the world. Qamar Cheema spoke to Pakistani intellectual and academic Syed Mohammad Ali on foreign policy issues. During this, Syed Ali said that by adopting which methods Pakistan can improve its image in the world.

During a debate, Qamar Cheema said that every country has its own lawyer. India has the brilliant diplomat S Jaishankar as its advocate, who is telling the world about India. Qamar Cheema said that if you look at our Foreign Ministry in this way, there is no one to represent Pakistan in front of the world. Qamar Cheema asked Syed Ali whether he saw anyone in Pakistan who could improve the image of Pakistan.

cricketers can change image

In response to Qamar Cheema’s question, Syed Mohammad Ali said, ‘I understand that this is not just a matter of the Foreign Ministry and diplomats. We should not trust them, people who are outside the country should also pay attention to this. Pakistani people play cricket all over the world, this is our soft power, these people can bring a lot of change if they want. Today the Mayor of London is of Pakistani origin, if he wants he can do more for Pakistan than any ambassador. I believe that there is no dearth of talent among the people of Pakistan. All Pakistanis should work as ambassadors.

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