Israel’s action on attacks on aid workers in Gaza, 2 officers suspended

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  • 7 killed in attack on aid workers in Gaza
  • Which country’s aid workers were killed in the Israeli attack?
  • Whatever happened, it was wrong, we are sure it will not happen again: IDF

There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas for the last few months. Most of the countries of the world are trying to stop this war, but the war is not stopping. However, in the meantime the Israeli Army has taken a big step. It has dealt with an attack in Gaza in which seven aid workers were killed. The army has suspended two of its officers and reprimanded three others. The Israeli military says officers mishandled vital information and violated military regulations.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again: IDF

The Israeli military says an investigation has shown that its soldiers mistakenly believed those they were targeting were Hamas terrorists. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said that this is a serious incident for which we are responsible and it should not have happened and we guarantee that it will not happen again.

Know what happened?

According to media reports, three air strikes were carried out by Israeli drones on Monday night. A total of 7 aid workers were killed in the attack, including 1 Australian, 3 British, 1 Palestinian, 1 North American and 1 Pole. These three were running between the vehicles to save their lives. US-based charity World Central Kitchen (WCK), whose crew was killed, has said Israel’s apology for the killing of our colleagues merely reflects a weak attitude. WCK has demanded an independent investigation into the attack. WCK CEO Erin Gore said Israel needs to take concrete steps to ensure the safety of humanitarian aid workers. Our campaign is still on hold.

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