People are being trolled on social media for taking a picture of a British officer sitting on a yak in PoK.

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  • British officer trolled fiercely by Indian users
  • A British officer photographed with yaks and Pakistani soldiers in Pakistan-occupied territory
  • Social Media

Brigadier Paul Hehrs, Britain’s defense adviser to neighboring Pakistan, has been criticized for posting pictures on social media. Because later he was criticized a lot. In the photo shared on social media, he was seen with a yak along with Pakistani Army soldiers in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

In the social media post, the British officer can be seen sitting on a yak with his team and Pakistani Army soldiers. In the photo, he can be seen demonstrating the Yak’s help in delivering supplies to troops at an altitude of 18,000 feet in bad weather. He captioned the post, ‘Thank you for hosting us and letting us meet the yaks.’

British officials came under attack from Indian users after sharing pictures of PoK on social media. He was trolled for getting photographed with the Pakistani Army in PoK. Some users targeted Pakistani officials. However, this post of his will no longer be visible. Because Social Media X has suspended his account.

PoK leaders against Pakistan government

There are many controversies regarding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. There are also things coming from that area which the government and people of Pakistan cannot accept, they are occupying it only to keep it united. Now the leaders there are taking this matter to the United Nations. In March, workers of the United Kashmir People’s National Party had raised this issue in the UN. He even said that Pakistan is running terrorist camps instead. Within a few days this issue arose again. This time the Awami Action Committee of the party has repeated all the allegations in a press conference. It is alleged that the Pakistani administration does not treat the people of PoK well and does not meet their needs.

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