America: Indian-origin man files case against Hindu temple, demands compensation worth crores

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  • A person of Indian origin has filed a case against Ashtalakshmi Temple in Texas.
  • Man demands compensation for using his son for branding
  • Indian man accuses son of torturing him in court

In America, a person of Indian origin has filed a case against a Hindu temple and its organization. He has alleged that his 11 year old son has been used for branding. He also claims that the temple made his son look like Lord Vishnu and hit him twice on the shoulder with a hot rod. He has demanded a compensation of 10 lakh dollars (about Rs 8.3 crore) for this. The incident took place at the Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple in Sugar Land, Texas. In this case, Vijay Cheruvu told in a press conference that the incident happened in the month of August. Due to which his son not only had to suffer, but he was also injured for life.

According to reports, Cheruvu said that I was surprised to see him. I didn’t know how to handle it. My biggest concern is my son’s well-being. Cherevu ultimately filed suit in Fort Bend County. According to details recorded in the case, Cheruvu has demanded a compensation of $1 million from Ashtalakshmi Temple and its association.

More than 100 people had participated in the ceremony held at the Sri Ashtalakshmi temple in August last year. They also had three children among them, one of whom was Cheruvu’s son. Cheruvu’s ex-wife took him to the temple. The allegation is that the child was hit with a hot iron rod against the child’s will and without the father’s knowledge and consent.

Cheruvu’s attorney, Brant Stogner, said it is against the law in Texas to use or brand children for branding purposes, even with parental consent.

The victim boy said, ‘I was very surprised. I didn’t know something like this was going to happen. When they hit my shoulder with the hot rod, I felt so much pain that I almost cried. He knew what he did was very wrong, because he forbade me from telling anyone about it. But when the pain became unbearable and the infection spread, I had to tell everything to my father. Cheruvu said his ex-wife took their son to the temple. He said that his son is currently undergoing therapy. He is very scared. He is also mentally disturbed and is always in pain.

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