More than 90 people died after boat capsized in Mozambique

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  • About seven thousand Indians live in Mozambique
  • People were going to seek shelter elsewhere to escape the cholera epidemic
  • An accident occurred when the boat was overcrowded.

An incident of boat sinking has come to light in the South African country Mozambique. In which more than 90 people aboard the boat died due to drowning. Authorities in Nampula province, on Mozambique’s northern coast, said five of the approximately 130 people on board the boat had been rescued. “They were going to seek refuge elsewhere during the cholera outbreak,” said Jaime Neto, Nampula’s secretary of state. He said that many children were also included in the dead.

Nampula Province is one of the provinces most affected by the cholera outbreak. Let us tell you that since January last year, cholera has spread in many countries of South Africa. According to the information, ‘The boat was loaded beyond its capacity and was not fit to carry passengers, so it started sinking.’ The boat was heading towards the island of Mozambique from the coast of Nampula. The official said that an investigation team is busy finding out the cause of the boat accident.

Highest outbreak in 25 years

According to the information, UNICEF says that this time the cholera outbreak in Mozambique is the worst in 25 years. There have been 13,700 cases in Mozambique since last October 2023. In which 30 people died.

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