Britain: Husband cuts wife into 200 pieces, finds benefits of wife’s death…

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  • Husband killed wife in cold college, searched on Google about benefits
  • A British court will announce the punishment for the murdered husband on Monday.
  • Police found evidence of blood stains, sheets, dead bodies etc. from the spot.

A heart-wrenching murder case has come to light in Britain. Here a man has killed his wife by stabbing her. The husband cut his wife’s body into over 200 pieces and kept it in his kitchen for a week before dumping it in the river with the help of a friend. Nicholas Mattson, a 28-year-old man, denies killing his wife, but on Friday he admitted killing his 26-year-old wife, Holly Bramley.

“Gave £50 to dispose of the dead body.”

Police suspect that Matson stabbed his wife in the bedroom and dismembered her body in the bathroom. He then placed the body parts in plastic bags and placed them in the kitchen freezer before disposing of them. About a week later… Before the police arrived at his door, he gave his friend £50 to help dispose of the body parts. Police told the court the friend had written in a text message: “Just received £50 for body disposal.”

A day later, a man out on a morning walk found plastic bags floating in the River Witham. One bag contained a human hand and the other contained Bramley’s head. In total, divers found 224 body parts and some are still missing. The court was told that the body was so mutilated that it was impossible to determine the cause of death.

“evil demon”

Bramley’s mother told the court that her daughter had been married for just 16 months and the “evil demon” would not allow her to see her family and the couple were on the verge of separation when he killed her.

After killing his wife he asked, “What benefit will I get if my wife dies” and “Can anyone harass me after I die?” Searched on Google for such questions as asked.

Bramley once ran away from home with her pet rabbit and sought police help after killing her hamster by putting it in a food blender and microwave oven. She also put her new puppy in the washing machine; Bramley was found dead inside the machine.

The husband misled the police a lot

After receiving reports of the incident on 24 March, Lincolnshire Police arrived at the couple’s home to investigate Bramley’s murder. When Mattson opened the door, he claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence by his wife and showed the policemen a bite mark on his hand. A British court was told that Bramley suffered the injuries when she tried to free herself from her husband after the murder days earlier.

Policemen found blood-stained sheets in the bathtub, several black stains on the floor, and a strong smell of ammonia and bleach throughout the house. Matson later told police that his wife had gone with a women’s support group a few days earlier. The killer, who is scheduled to be sentenced on Monday, has not revealed how or why he killed his wife. However, his attorney claimed that Mattson’s autism spectrum disorder was a factor in the murder.

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